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This September 2021

The spirited child community

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We open the doors to this amazing community once a year to a few members. We grow together and get professional support while raising your spirited child(ren).


How you perceive your reality while parenting your SWC can bring calm or havoc into your family home

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Meeting for coffee chat where you know you are safe and supported by international experts with the struggles of being a parent of a strong willed child


Get group consultations and coaching sessions to fell that you are surrounded not only by people who understand you but experts who can support you

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Who's Malva and what's inside?


My name is Malva, I am a mom of 3 a professional family coach and trainer. I spent several years trying to create an intentional life for myself and my strong-willed family. Firstly, spending seemingly endless years at Universities studying different sciences connected with parenting to answer questions about my own upbringing and how I can assist others. Years of psychotherapy training and practice as well as family coaching and consultations prepared me to assist you.Then starting out on the journey through motherhood, I realized it's not that easy, even if I thought I was equipped with education. Emotions took over. I didn't like that. 

Turning to affirmations ,community and deeper understanding of science helped.

Join me to see how I can help you create a harmonious home with a strong-willed family.

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What my students are saying

Fitsume Kebe


"Malva helped me understand the big picture about my son and why he was doing certain things or behaving in a certain way.  As we did more sessions, I started to better understand my role as a parent.  The coaching sessions helped me understand what I needed to work on and what I needed to make a priority.  It wasn't long before I started to see progress and improvement.  As I started implementing Malva's recommendations and tap into the resources that were available, I started to see dramatic progress and change with my son."

Rijana Shrestha


"I took all her webinars from the start and I loved every bit of it. There is so much to learn from her, her webinars are only 30 minutes long, but she is so well spoken, prepared and so much to offer us. Her tips are really helpful for us parents.

There might be many informations online, but to hear it from her and get your confusions and questions answered during the session is what I like about it the most! Thank you for doing this!"

Join the community of parents of Strong Willed Children

If you're a parent loosing their mind (at times) during the tough times, the this community is set it just for you.

I am confident you know what type of parent you want to be, however, oftentimes emotions can get the best of us. Especially, when there are constant power struggles.

If you have found yourself thinking:

🌿 I just can't

🌿   I just want him to listen

🌿  I'm too tired to negotiate 

🌿  Why can't she just do what I say?

🌿  Why does it have to be so hard?

🌿  What can I do and what do I tell myself and my children to stop myself from loosing my temper (again)

🌿 There has to be an easier way


This community is just for you.

Coming your way this September