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International Parenting Summit Series at your fingertips

Parenting experts worldwide helping you become the positive change in your family relationship

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Have you ever wanted to have a parenting advisor/coach/helper at your finger tips to remind you what steps to take and help you with your parenting mindset or even tools? Have you tried looking for answers online and at times you feel overwhelmed with all the articles and information at times contradicting the last one you read? Me too. Having over 15 world-class expert at your fingertips giving you advise and actionable steps to solve many if not all of your parenting troubles no matter the age of your child. From paediatricians, therapists, coaches and counsellors working with children and parents of all ages we have topics that you don't want to miss the opportunity to devour. Want to watch to the speakers in your own time? You don't have time to sit and watch them? No problem, you can download the audio as a podcast and take it with you for a walk or while you are driving a car. You only have a few minutes when sitting and putting kids down? Great, download the transcripts and read all the knowledge shared by the speakers in these summits.

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  • Coffee Chat

    Grab a cup of coffee on a Saturday to relax and get answers to some of your burning questions.

  • Summit notes

    When we hear something it may inspire us. When we read something it may provoke a thinking process. When we analyse what is written we will be able to think about ways of implementing it into our family. Get your summit notes from each speaker.

  • Videos and Podcast

    Watch the webinars at your convenience or listen to the podcast (audio) version on the the go.

  • Bonuses

    Grab a bunch of bonuses from the speakers to equip you with amazing skills to help you become the positive change in your family relationships

Why attend the International Parenting Summit?

We are so busy improving our homes; planning the design, re-modeling, and furnishing.  We are so busy improving our businesses; acquiring new skills, tweaking marketing content, applying project changes. We might also be busy concentrating on improving our health by implementing exercise regimes and diet plans.

Have you thought about spending the time to improve the relationships you have in your family. Spend time to consciously plan how you want your family dynamic to flow.

Spend one weekend every month (second weekend of the month) to get teachings about family, parenting and relationships skills in the following topics:

* Teaching Communication to our Children

* Calm parents are better at helping children handel frustration 

* Helping children develop self-esteem

* Finding a successful approach to disciplining our children 

* Nurturing relationships through the thick and the thin

* Conflict management at home

* Using positive reinforcement as parents

Power struggles at it's best

Want to hear more from our speakers?

Parenting experts worldwide helping you become the positive change in your family relationship

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Don't have time to watch the summit?

No problem, we have created a summit podcast for you. Listen to the speakers on the go. 

Loved the live sessions?! Too bad you can't have it all written down for you.

We are parents! As a busy mom myself I wish someone would make notes for me while I am busy running after my kids. I wish I could sit down and read the lessons not to wake the kids while I have some quiet time.

We created transcripts of all the lessons for you to read, print, highlight and make them your own. 

read at night when putting the kids to sleep. When do you like to read?

Meet the host during the Saturday Coffee Chat going live on zoom at 20:00 UTC. Ask questions on the topic of the ongoing summit or just hang out with other like-minded parents. 

It is not just one summit... It is a series of eight precise topic-specific summits designed to help YOU be the positive change in your family relationships.

Parenting is hard. You do not have to do it alone. Feel the support all from the experts of the International Parenting Summit Series.

VIP Members Bonuses:

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Lives about the summit

International Parenting Summit Series- promo with Mary Peterson Cook and Malva Gasowski

International Parenting Summit Series- promo with Danielle Brettman and Malva Gasowski

A warm welcome from the speaker