Communication is fundamental to children's development; babbling, crying, first, sign language, first sentences. Children need to be able to understand and be understood to thrive in the family and later in the society. 

How do we teach our children how to communicate in a two-way manner with respect, stating opinions and having theirs and our needs met?

Communication is the foundation of relationships and is essential for learning, play and social interaction. 

Let's spend a weekend together and learn about "Teaching Communication to Your Children".

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Why attend the International Parenting Summit?

We are so busy improving our homes; planning the design, re-modeling, and furnishing.  We are so busy improving our businesses; acquiring new skills, tweaking marketing content, applying project changes. We might also be busy concentrating on improving our health by implementing exercise regimes and diet plans.

Have you thought about spending the time to improve the relationships you have in your family. Spend time to consciously plan how you want your family dynamic to flow.

Spend one weekend every month (second weekend of the month) to get teachings about family, parenting and relationships skills in the following topics:

* Teaching Communication to our Children

* Calm parents are better at helping children handel frustration 

* Helping children develop self-esteem

* Finding a successful approach to disciplining our children 

* Nurturing relationships through the thick and the thin

* Conflict management at home

* Using positive reinforcement as parents

Power struggles at it's best

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International Parenting Summit Series- promo with Mary Peterson Cook and Malva Gasowski

International Parenting Summit Series- promo with Danielle Brettman and Malva Gasowski

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