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    Welcome to the challenge to implement all the teachings

    • How does the challenge work?

    • 5 pillars helping your child develop consciousness and self-confidence

    • How development impacts a child's behavior

    • Parenting toddlers through instability

    • Teaching parents how to talk to their kids about sex education

    • How to change your kids behaviour by changing yourself

    • Positive talk with children

    • Genuine Encounter Moments (GEMS) - This is a way to prevent all types of misbehavior in children.

    • Raising responsible human beings.

    • Empowerment through personal accountability in parenting

    • Know Your Parenting Style from your Child's Handwriting

    • Vulnerability and the amazing things that happen when you to let go of the need for perfection

    • The benefits of free style parenting

    • Finding the greatness in your child

    • How to help our daughters have a healthy self-esteem

    • Decoding why kids don’t listen to you

    • Preparing parents for teen years

    • Emotional Intelligence with primary aged children

    • Big hearts, big emotions

    • The power of allowing young children to fully express their emotions

    • Navigating Autism & Aspergers

    • Soothing your little one during colic

    • Develop self-awareness skills in adults to better understand their children

    • How to Co-Parent with a Toxic Ex

    • How to Introduce New Foods to Picky Eaters

    • The shift that needs to take place as our kids grow through their adolescence (ages 10-25)

    • Parenting in the early years

    • Nurture children to be a lifelong learners

    • Looking at the child's needs behind their feelings

    • How labelling of children can be detrimental to their development

    • How to help you keep your cool while putting an end to whining, complaining, and begging

    • The transition to toddlerhood from a gentle parenting perspective

    • What anxiety really looks like in kids and teens

    • Three Pillars of The Parenting Blueprint

    • How to re-connect and re-build your relationship with your struggling teen child

    • Raising emotionally intelligent children as early as 5

    • Language development milestones and key strategies for supporting language skills in toddlers

    • The Shift in the Mom/Daughter Relationship in the Tween Years

    • Preparing teens to manage their own money

    • Music, emotion& empowering women with their children

    • Digital media and effects on eye. How to help your kids, stay away from gadgets

    • 'Target Talk:' The Heart of Positive Parenting

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    End of Challenge

    • 1:1 Coaching Session

    • Congratulations

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