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Parenting a Strong-Willed Child?

Find out how to build harmony with your strong-willed child during the summit weekend. 


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What others say about this summit


I cannot believe I have missed so many things with my spirited child. These workshops opened my eyes to new ideas and perspective. I look forward to implementing them with my toddler turned teen

Thank you for putting this together. The price of the summit is ridiculously low compared to the value. The speakers and your personal touch Malva is comforting. I feel like I know you guys personally as you speak to my heart and know my problems.

After the first day of the summit, I thought. Ok, I'll give it a go. I'll implement one technique and see what the fuss is about. It cannot be that easy.

I cannot believe it! My strong-willed child picked up all his toys and went to the bathroom to take a bath without a fight, without negotiating. Best feeling ever.

International Parenting Summit presents:

Strong Willed Child Summit

If you’re like most parents, you began with big hopes and dreams for your child. These hopes and dreams extend to what you have envisioned for your whole family. Those "hallmark" moments and special bonding warmed our hearts while we waited for the little one to arrive.

You were realistic too. You knew that life would change once you become a parent and that things would be hard, at times. You envisioned a happy family, sitting at the dinner table and enjoying your meal, going on trips and getting ready for school. These were potentially special moments of connection.

Now you might realize that your situation isn’t quite like that. Your child has an opinion. They might have shown you from the very beginning that this will be different than what "the books" tell you. Your child may be strong-willed and sometimes outright defiant. You find yourself in constant battles of the wills. You catch glimpses of their many strengths and positive characteristics, but the challenges have become overwhelming. You might wish that they would "just listen this once" or your might look around to see if you had not dropped the instruction manual.

Millions of parents struggle with kids who are spirited and strong-willed sometimes even considered stubborn and defiant. Nothing can be more infuriating than giving so much to your kids, yet not feeling appreciated, listened to or respected. You are not alone.

Check out these amazing workshops in the summit to help introduce more harmony into your family dynamic.

Did I mention there is a podcast on Understanding Your Strong Willed Child?

 No! Make sure to check it out at the bottom of the page. 

Your Summit Host

Malva Gasowski

Allison Livingston

The 3 vital things I wish I'd known sooner to parent my strong willed child

Angela Karanja

The Simple Secret To Support Your Strong Willed Children to Help Them Shine In That Strength

Celia Kibler

How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids Once & For All

Denise Suarez

Core Communication Skills

Jack A. Ori

Guiding Strong Willed Children Away From Destructive Decisions

Jo Stockdalen

The Brain Behind The Behaviour Understanding the 'Challenging' Child

Karen Shaw

The Impact & Influence of Energetic Communication & Language

Kristin Folts

How to Connect with the Heart of Your Child

Nicole Rawson

How & Why Reducing Time Online Helps Children Self-Regulate, Prevents Meltdowns, Relieves Family Stress, and Reclaims Relationship

Sarah Salisott

Connecting with Your Child - the 4Ss of Attachment

Sonia Nieradzik

How to support your strong willed child by supporting yourself!

Tania Lopez

How to Stop Feeling Disheartened When Parenting a Strong Willed Child?

Veenu Keller

Take Your Family From Chaos to Peaceful In 3 Easy Steps

Zali Hankinson

Conflict to Clarity

Ned Johnson

A non-anxious consultant: How to be effective when temperatures (yours and theirs) flare

Mary Van Geffen

Embodied Parenting with strong-willed children

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Speakers panel

Enjoy this amazing panel where the summit speakers already share great tips for parenting a spirited child.  - Malva

Steps to understanding your strong-willed child

Wouldn't it be great to have knowledge from parenting experts from around the world at your fingertips to learn how everyday actions can bring more harmony into your family, regulate your responses and maybe even shape your children's behaviour?
But, wait! You do have that possibility.
Over 100 years of experience shared amongst the experts helping parents enjoy parenting a little more and envision the outcome of their parenting journey.

With this summit weekend, you can make the following shifts:

🌿   from a little too much tension, to having more fun

🌿  from screaming to positive and playful times

🌿   from battles about screens to set routine that we enjoy following

🌿   from misunderstanding to determining core communication skills to implement into your family

🌿   from being indecisive and inconsistent, to having a simple and effective plan of action

🌿   from anger due to unwanted behaviour, to the understanding of behavioural symptoms

🌿   from having frequent upsets, to knowing how to resolve feelings in positive parenting ways

🌿   from the feeling of alienation, to meaningful connection with your strong-willed child

🌿   from the feeling of overwhelm and disheartenment, to well-being and peaceful parenting methods

Join us and parents from around the world for this special opportunity, this summit weekend!

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