Malva Gasowski

Malva Gasowski is an international business trainer, executive coach and speaker for corporate soft HR skills, and helps people achieve success in top international corporations. Malva has created the Online Training Academy, an innovative form of training for future online trainers. Besides her corporate focus, she is also a parenting coach and couples counselor who works with couples and parents to help them implements the positive parenting approach and build closeness within the family.  An international best-selling author, she is a sought after guest for summits, panels and online training sessions. Malva’s passion is to make the world a better place through communication and creating a successful business while being a fulfilled parent and happy couple.
Malva Gasowski Coaching- Mother and all

Malva Gasowski

trainer and business coach

Malva is a highly sought after business trainer for both in-house and online workshops. She has conducted training session and workshops, among others, in talent management, communication, negotiation, people management, motivation, and evaluation of employees, techniques of preparing and conducting presentations, personal branding, mindfulness and well-being, stress management, training in critical and analytical thinking, remote team building, webinar, an essential tool with great potential, conflict resolution and cooperation. Malva has been invited to conduct training sessions in corporate businesses, beauty, financial, services, and production sectors of the industry. 

Online Training Academy for trainers is one of her signature 6-week training workshop preparing trainers to conduct sessions online.

Malva Gasowski

Family Coach

Malva is a certified couples counselor and family coach, who has worked in the field for over a decade, helping families worldwide from all walks of life. 

Should you wish to work on your family relationships and self-growth feel free to schedule a session.

Family coaching sessions are designed to provide families with the tools and techniques to resolve conflicts, reach compromises, and hopefully transform a difficult living situation into a comfortable one. 

If your family life is becoming difficult to manage because of destructive behavior, dealing with emotions, burnout, emotional struggles, or lack of structure, Malva can coach you to manage and improve your situation with tried and successful tools. 

Sometimes, for one reason or another, children need a little extra support or a different type of discipline (teachings) to perform at their best. If your discipline strategies aren’t working or your child’s behavior is starting to affect other areas of life such as their performance at school or your social and family life, it can become frustrating. 

Work with Malva to overcome these issues, no matter how big or how small. 

Don't worry that your kids are not listening to you, worry that they are watching you.

Children model you and your partner. If you want your children to behave differently you need to show them how, by leading by example.