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Let's create your family harmony with positive parenting!


Let's create your family harmony with positive parenting!


Are you a parent of a strong-willed child?

Here is a summit just for you

I have a lot to share with you. 

I am a trained and born teacher passionate about teaching others, young and old(er).

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I am a family coach working with families to bring and maintain a harmonious balance between all elements of life we are currently juggling. I am a strong-willed child (turned adult) who is raising strong-willed children while helping other parents understand them through 1:1 sessions, communities, summits and podcast.
I am enthusiastic about having the child’s perspective being heard and understood without looking at it through the lens of an adult.
 🌿  Your  child is not manipulating you, they are expressing their strong needs.
🌿  Your child is not questioning your authority, they want to understand how the world works.
🌿  Your child is not being defiant, they are trying to see how developed their independent skills are. 

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Family Coaching


A personalized experience to help build a strong positive relationship in your family.



Actionable bite-size knowledge to start slowly implementing small changes to see big positive results in the family.

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