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Glow Program

Meaning + Millions

Maximize your success, live out your legacy, continue your breakthroughs and maximize your impact!

Glow Program

Meaning and Millions

Maximize your success with expert strategy, custom business breakthrough coaching and systems to leverage your impact!

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Our 12-month Glow Program is a powerful combination you won’t find elsewhere. A soulful blend of support to fill your heart and your bank accounts.

1-on-1 Custom, Private, Business Breakthrough Coaching

Get expert advice from founder Sarah Stokes, a trusted consultant to CEOs at all levels. Sarah has personally built a multi-million dollar service-based business. She purchased and grew her first business to 7 times its size before successfully selling it. She has helped others scale their companies to dazzling new heights. During your private strategy and coaching sessions you’ll have a safe space to discuss your biggest goals and biggest fears. With Sarah’s support you will bust through the patterns that hold you back to leverage solutions that create more revenue and more freedom.

World-Changers Mastermind

A community of women who are making an impact through their companies. Where common worries surface and sage wisdom is shared. Where mentors are mentored. We created a safe space to be unapologetically successful. Who can you share your success with? You know, the success that you can't just talk about with anyone, because they aren't at your level yet or just don't get it. The room where women come together to share wisdom, collaborate on solutions to the biggest challenges in business, and learn the inside scoop on scaling faster, with awareness, more meaning, more joy, and more profit. This is where you accelerate. You learn, share, grow in courage, and leap to heights you won’t reach alone.

Live Group Coaching 

We’ll come together 11 times (including our Quarterly Planning dates) to get through the "squirm" of scaling together. Sarah will coach members of the group who have a hot issue and you will get what you need every time, even if you aren't the one raising your hand. This will be a great opportunity to keep your growth on track and the group momentum moving.

Quarterly Strategic Planning

We know the ropes already with planning our goals, maybe you do it already with your team, but there is magic in coming together with other strong leaders to map out your biggest goals. This may be partially a private list until you’re ready to share it with your team, but it will be a major advantage to do this process with your coach, an expert leader in strategic planning, and alongside your peers who will challenge you to shine brighter, go bigger, and truly glow. No “someday” or “shoot, I’ll wait until next quarter.” This is dedicated leverage time for your biggest moves.

Weekly Business Evaluation + Celebration

One of the last things we give ourselves time to bask in, is the celebration of what’s going great. We have seen massive quantum physics at play when our members celebrate in our private community weekly. To add to your glow, we also know what we resist persists, so as we elevate to our next level of excellence, you’ll also do weekly business evaluations to identify patterns that are holding you back from the next-level results you want.

Soulful Guidance + Support

The biggest breakthroughs come when we are tuned into our soul. The most epic action comes when you are divinely inspired to change your life, uplevel your entire being, and help the world while you do it. The Glow Program will utilize the spiritual tools that help you bring more joy and fulfillment into your own awakening. Lean into your true purpose as you learn about your own human design and more. One of Sarah’s biggest success strategies has come from diving into her spiritual journey more and she’s sharing that with Glow members.

Life-Changing Spa Retreat

Join other Juicy Good Life alumni as we combine personal and professional growth in a magical way. We are taking over Sundara Inn & Spa, chosen for the sole purpose of replenishing your mind, body, and soul. You will create some space to hear your dreams again. You will refresh your spirit and renew your mindsets as you honor your body’s need for rest and alignment! This is voted the client favorite every year. Memories and game-changing decisions are made here.

Plus these BONUSES:

Sales training to help you magnetize your ideal clients. Learn Sarah’s curated process to help you reach more of the people you want to work with, and have more fun doing it!

Peaceful Planning a planner and alignment tool that has given women all over the country more time off, more joy, and more alignment through clarity on how to map out their best year. This custom creation came from years of saying yes out of obligation. 

Daily support for your spirit with a complimentary membership to The Juicy 365 Daily Mentorship Meditation, nutrition, life coaching, spiritual tools, and continue to work out with us every Monday with your personal trainer session!

Private Facebook Messenger Support to help you in those in-between moments when you need to vent or celebrate! 

When you say yes to Glow for yourself this year, you run faster in the direction of your dreams instead of getting distracted and slowed down by the daily needs of your company.

Some of the transformations you can expect...

Shine so bright as your true self, your ideal clients come to you
Put a stick of dynamite on the culturally conditioned “shoulds” of business that are blocking your glow
Be inside a sacred community of world-changers putting our uplevel into practice
Soulful strategy that ignites your inspiration, action, and revenue
Get so clear on your message that distraction and overwhelm dissolves
Build belief so powerful that your world changing impact lights YOU up with pure joy!

It’s the best feeling to celebrate a woman who’s living her dreams

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Is Glow a juicy good answer for your next level?

You are... 

  • A visionary female founder or business owner who wants to lead herself and a team to the next level 
  • A woman who’s built success but wants to actually enjoy the impact and create even more meaning
  • A woman who doesn’t want to apologize for blending meaningful work and making millions doing it
  • A woman who doesn't want to lose momentum after her epic year of coaching
  • A woman who’s on a soulful path and wants to hone in even more on how that can shine through in her life and creations
  • A woman who’s next level is calling and you want support as you conquer it
  • A woman who’s pretty amazed at how far she’s come, but knows she has unlimited potential

What’s the process?

Let Sarah know you're ready to Glow.

You decide if you're a heck yes. You’ll make a decision.

When you are a heck yes, there will be a deposit. You send the universe a powerful message that you are ready for even more.

If you enlist me as your Business Breakthrough Coach for another year, you are saying “it’s already done.” 

When you say yes to a life in “Glow” you will be sending a massive order form to the universe that you mean business.  

An investment in Glow is $33,333.  

It’s a year of me as your “Chief Alignment Officer” you could say. To get access to my strategy and skills as your “Chief Anything” is $250K a year minimum. So, this, my friends, for the women who have made it this far in this page, is a steal.   

When you invest in what you’re creating, you tell your money and your future clients you’re coming and it’s action time!   

We’re not here to kick tires and dabble. Glow is a lovely name but it will be accountability like you’ve never experienced. That’s why it’s not suited for people who don’t have a year of coaching under their belts. We are going to use all those tools to move faster in the direction of your most incredible dreams. 

I am so ready!

It’s the best feeling to celebrate a woman who’s living her dreams, making the world better and enjoying her juicy good life. The women who have already stepped forward for Glow are going to be your best teammates. They powerfully hold the vision for you, too. It’s going to blow your mind what you can do in the next 12 months.

You don't need to apply. You do need to claim your seat at the table. Take the next step for your your future success.

Thank you from the founder of the Glow Program

Your year of All In was incredible and I am so honored to continue to support you and your future through Glow. It will have a similar flow to it, but we will focus on even deeper integrity in your life and accountability to the big goals you want to see through. 

If All In was phase one, I cannot wait to see you double down on your Juicy Good Life through Glow. 

Thank you. I am eternally grateful to live out my life's purpose through helping you make the world a better place.

I love you.


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