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Created with passion by experts and parents for caregivers of strong willed children. Hosted by, family coach, Malva Gasowski.


Veenu Keller

As a mom of six, she has been called mom in all variations. Her key tip is progress over perfection. If we're not analyzing what's not working, how are we going to find the solutions to make it work?

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Jo Stockdale

What are you focusing on with your strong-willed child? Do you have a list of qualities you love about them?

Jo shares her tips on positivity with your strong-willed child.

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Kristin Folts

Working in partnership with our kids on a level of connecting from the heart really is the golden key to calming the chaos in your home. Listen Kristin share her tips.

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Karen Shaw

Looking at the energy of a strong-willed child by tapping into their temperament. How can we keep grounded and respond by removing the clashing up against each other. 

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Sonia Nieradzik

Especially at a young age, we focus on the negative of a strong-willed child.  So sometimes instead of focusing on what is not working now, we need to redirect ourselves and think of those as skills they will need in the future.

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Zali Hankinson

The difficulty of being misunderstood as a strong-willed child can have long lasting consequences. Zali shares her story and gives us tips that might work for you and your family.

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Ned Johnson

Changing the way we approach our work with our children, as their consultant rather than their manager to support them with loving guidance.

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Denise Suarez

Preparing for a conversation with our strong-willed child is not synonyms to preparing for a negotiation battle. Or at least it does not have to be. 

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Allison Livingston

By their very nature, spirited children are afraid of being controlled. Their nature just sets us, parents, up with a conflict by using traditional parenting methods.

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Nicole Rawson

Why are strong-willed children learning to be more manipulative while staying online? Let's learn to not be convincing but  to be structuring.

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Angela Karanja

Celebrate when your strong-willed child asks you 'WHY". That is when their horizons begin to open. Instead of feeling threatened by the why, you might want to either give it back to them or explore the answer.

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Jack A. Ori

Being supportive towards your child, spirited or not, is one thing, but allowing yourself the space to process your feelings.

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Sarah Salisott

The insight to understanding how spiritedness works can give you a little bit of extra extending grace and connection with your strong-willed child.

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Tania Lopez

How to tame the voices and judgements in our heads while parenting a spirited child?

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Mary Van Geffen

Think about making space for your strong-willed child to have adult-size emotions, see their adult-sized aggression, and feel the drama of the moment, yet being a supportive  parent. Remember our children don't have any of the cognitive executive function or the ability to have self-control, yet, to manage those emotions.

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